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Nebraska Paranormal Society Mission Statement

NPS is an organization that does scientific research of the existence of the paranormal. We use a multitude of different approaches to obtain evidence. Our intent is to be professional at all times when discussing or participating in NPS activity. Diversity in this field is an added bonus. Thus, opinions will vary, so we will be open, polite, and respect others opinions and values.

What We Do

NPS is a group of investigators focused on eliminating the fear of paranormal and unexplained phenomena. We use various devices and equipment to learn more about what may lie on the other side.

We limit our research to ghosts, spirits, and hauntings of private residences and public establishments. We conduct investigations free of charge, however our organization is accepting donations.

NPS has a policy of open communication and cooperation with other paranormal investigators. We learn so much by sharing information and ideas with each other. Our client information, of course, will be kept strictly confidential.


Check out where we've been!

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Nebraska Map

Auburn, NE Falls City, NE Ball Cemetery Crete, NE Fairbury, NE Lincoln, NE Mission Cemetery, Macy NE Argo Hotel, Crofton NE Private Stable, Waverly NE Private Residence, Omaha NE Fort Robinson, NE

Map courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin, Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection

NPS Public Meetings

Upcoming meeting topics:

Wednesday December 20, 2017
Spirits of Christmas

The NPS team has been holding open public meetings for education and outreach since March, 2009. NPS open meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month, from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.  A $2.00 per person free will donation is requested to cover meeting expenses. Come and join us! Anyone is welcome to contribute to the discussions, or just listen in.

Our public meetings are now being held at the HiWay Diner, 2105 Nebraska Hwy 2, West Lincoln, Nebraska - no purchase is required, but feel free to come a little early and have a bite to eat! Hope to see you there!

Please join us in our online Discussion Forums to talk about current and past meeting topics, and everything else related to ghost hunting! The Forums are a BBS-style public discussion area with a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, and non-registered guests may view most of the Forum areas and post in the Stories board. Registration is FREE and easy, and any personal information collected will be kept strictly confidential! The Forums also feature the NPS Chat Room; Guests may view the chat, but registration as a Forum user is required to participate in Chats.

Solar-Terrestrial Data

Why is this here?

It has been theorized by some paranormal researchers that solar activity influences paranormal events. Certainly, strong solar "storms" can affect the way our instruments operate and record data. The above chart provides several parameters related to solar activity and it's effect on Earth's environment in near real time, and a graph of activity over the last 30 days. Factors provided include background X-Ray, Proton Flux, and K index (including the nT measurement), Solar Flux Index (SFI), Sunspots (SN), Electron Flux, Solar Wind and Bz, and Aurora (includes Normalization factor (n) less than 2.0 = high confidence, greater than 2.0 = low confidence). The idea is for investigators to check solar activity numbers immediately before or after an investigation, or  after reports of paranormal activity, and keep track of it along with your other investigation data (you can save the current chart as an image on your hard drive with a unique file name at any time). The effects of solar activity, if any, should become evident by correlating the information with reports of activity over a period of time. More information on what some of these numbers mean, mostly as they apply to radio, can be found HERE. Comments and suggestions are welcomed.

Note: You may have to refresh your browser to get the most current data.

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