Argo Hotel, Crofton, NE

Argo Hotel
Photo by Robin Harmon

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Case #:   12-CRO-ARG

Date:   10-3-09

Type of establishment: Historic Bed & Breakfast.
Built in 1912 with the dreams of being a lay-over for those traveling by train. Six trains a day stopped in town from Chicago, St Paul and Minneapolis. The walls of the hotel are three bricks thick. There are many other charming features, like transoms over the doors and a large oak staircase adding to the periodic charm. Since the beginning the hotel has changed hands several times, and the name has changed. The hotel has been a “Wellness Clinic” with physical therapy and message learned from foreign countries. It had been a Dr’s office for many years then sat vacant for almost two years. It has been completely restored by the current owner, and reopened in 1994. The restored bar downstairs in the “Speakeasy” has a history of a gunfight complete with bullet holes. Skeletal remains of a child were found bricked up in wall. There is no record of who this could have been. There are claims of a child found buried in the basement, on which the owner states “that’s not true”.

Claims of events: Apparitions seen by the owner and a few other employees.

Children are heard playing and singing. Doors open and close.

Investigators on site: Robin, Jim, Mark, Carl, Lisa, Angela, Chris

Equipment used: A vast array of video recorders, digital cameras, film cameras, EMF, audio recorders, temperature gauges.

Findings: Some had personal experiences, EVP’s captured. Anomalies on film and digital cameras (not Orbs).

Case status: Ongoing 

Investigator's Reports