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Argo Hotel
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Case #:   12-CRO-ARG

Date:   10-3-09

Type of establishment: Historic Bed & Breakfast.
Built in 1912 with the dreams of being a lay-over for those traveling by train. Six trains a day stopped in town from Chicago, St Paul and Minneapolis. The walls of the hotel are three bricks thick. There are many other charming features, like transoms over the doors and a large oak staircase adding to the periodic charm. Since the beginning the hotel has changed hands several times, and the name has changed. The hotel has been a “Wellness Clinic” with physical therapy and message learned from foreign countries. It had been a Dr’s office for many years then sat vacant for almost two years. It has been completely restored by the current owner, and reopened in 1994. The restored bar downstairs in the “Speakeasy” has a history of a gunfight complete with bullet holes. Skeletal remains of a child were found bricked up in wall. There is no record of who this could have been. There are claims of a child found buried in the basement, on which the owner states “that’s not true”.

Claims of events: Apparitions seen by the owner and a few other employees.

Children are heard playing and singing. Doors open and close.

Investigators on site: Robin, Jim, Mark, Carl, Lisa, Angela, Chris

Equipment used: A vast array of video recorders, digital cameras, film cameras, EMF, audio recorders, temperature gauges.

Findings: Some had personal experiences, EVP’s captured. Anomalies on film and digital cameras (not Orbs).

Case status: Ongoing 

Investigator's Reports

xxCase #: 12-CRO-ARG Argo Hotel, Crofton, NE
November 17, 2009, 08:53:37 PM by JimS
October 3, 2009
Argo Hotel, Crofton, Nebraska
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xx Re: Case #: 12-CRO-ARG Argo Hotel, Crofton, NE
Reply 1: November 17, 2009, 10:09:55 PM by Robin H
What a great place, it really takes you back in time. Our hostess was very gracious, but our access was pretty limited. We had a great time. I found nothing on my review. I thought I might have an EVP, but was unable to claim this due to other people talking. I didnt have any personal experiences. Our room (Angela & myself) was comfortable, and when I did go to bed- I slept great. Look forward to going back soon.   

xx Re: Case #: 12-CRO-ARG Argo Hotel, Crofton, NE
Reply 2: November 19, 2009, 11:41:56 PM by Carl
I had a great time in Crofton that weekend.  What a nice little town.  The hotel seemed to have lots of history, and the owner and some of the townspeople had great stories.

I really didn't have any feelings while I was there.  We had a few uneventful events happen, like the video recorder Lisa was using in the room keep shutting off.  Never happened before.  Strange thing though, while going over the video taken during that time, we found something interesting.  There is a reflection on a door in our room, and something crosses the light, as though it passed in front of it, while Lisa was in the bathroom.  In looking at the rest of the video, we can't explain what blocked out the light on the door.  See what you think.  It's on our YouTube channel

Argo Hotel - 10/03/2009 - Light on door

xx Re: Case #: 12-CRO-ARG Argo Hotel, Crofton, NE
Reply 3: November 25, 2009, 11:55:08 PM by JimS
Crofton is a clean and friendly town, and the Argo is a jewel. Beautifully restored by the owners, with friendly staff and great food. I enjoyed the stay there very much, although we didn't find any solid evidence of paranormal activity. We did learn that fireplaces can make strange noises long after the fire is out. We had a very interesting conversation with our host about the history of the building and the town around it, and she debunked some of the stories about the place. It was a crisp and clear evening, with an almost full moon - a great night to relax and have conversation with friends in front of the fire, if nothing else. The Argo is a neat place to stay, even if you don't meet any ghosts. Worth the trip.

xx Re: Case #: 12-CRO-ARG Argo Hotel, Crofton, NE
Reply 4: November 28, 2009, 02:44:58 PM by amwell
The Argo hotel was definately worth the trip.  The building was beautifully resorted and our hostess was very sweet.

When I was there I got a few weird vibes but I caught nothing for evidence.  I took quite a few pictures but nothing but the lovely decorations showed up. 

I did get a weird feeling of being watched in room number 11 upstairs, which turned out to be mine and Robins room.   Tongue  We both slept pretty well but I was definately not a fan of being in that room alone.

There was another room, that ended up being Lisa and Carls room, where I felt uneasy also.  It wasn't terrible but I just didn't like being in that room for an extended period of time.

I also had a DVR in mine and Robins room by itself.  It picked up some distant conversation, but we cannot rule out us or any other guests because of the uncontrolled environment that it was in.


xx Argo Hotel
Reply 5: December 07, 2009, 11:46:12 PM by mgscherer
Wow, this was the first place for me to investigate over night. This was so much fun for me, from the ride up to the ride home. The hotel was just awesome in my book, from the rooms to the fine dinner we had. After everyone in the hotel went to bed at night, we had a chance to visit with the hostess. We all sat in the back bar and listened to her stories of the fine hotel. Many of the stories were actual claims and some were just stories. When we took a tour of the basement, We were walking into a room and someone had asked "Is there anyone with us here tonight"? I swore I heard a woman's voice reply, "Yes"!
During dinner another investigator and I went downstairs to look around. There were many claims of activity in the basement. We had noticed some things that we could debunk such as cold air flows and possible electro-magnetic activity there. There was such a awesome player piano which our hostess played for us and sang a ditty.
When we first arrived and checked into our rooms, I went to room number 18 where a couple of our investigators spent the night. I went in that room and just had a weird feeling like of being watched and like in a fun house room. Another investigator went into that room and had that same experience. She had said she felt uneasy in that room.
As the night went on,I had to go upstairs during dinner. When I was in the room where my stuff was, I had heard footsteps and looked out to see who was there and there was no one there. As I was heading back down stairs I was walking down the hallway and I heard some noise in a room where I knew no one was in there. I pressed my ear against the door and as right as I did the alarm clock went off. I did my best Jessie Owens impersonation down the the dining room. Did I have a paranormal experience??
Over all I had a great time at the Argo!!!!!
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