Auburn, NE

Auburn House

Case #:  44-AUB-Unr


Date:   6-28-08


Type of establishment:  Private residence- 2 adults, 1 teenager

House was built in 1883, 13 previous owners, current residents have been there for 18 years


Claim of events:  Upstairs bedroom- BB’s and/or buttons lined up or stacked outside of door.  Son hears baby cry.  Isolated feeling.  Cat acts differently in this room.  Activity ceased after remodeling done.  Toys found in ceiling during remodeling.  Basement-  Feelings of eerie presence.  Voice of female saying “Come here” is heard.  Feeling of threat that increases as it gets later at night.  Female guests feel threatened right away.  Activity only felt when 1 or 2 people are present.  In rest of house- footsteps heard, lights flicker, bulbs burn out frequently, stereo and tv turn off and on, various smells noted (flowers, cigar).  Prior owner had similar experiences and apologized for not telling them of these experiences. 


Investigators on site:  Laura, Robin, Jim


Equipment used:  Digital cameras, video camera, digital recorders, microcassette recorder, EMF detector


Findings:  Inconclusive


Case status:  Closed

Investigator's Reports