Ball Cemetery, NE

Case #:  59-LOU-BAL

Ball Cemetery

Important - This is private property, and is on private land. NPS was granted special permission to investigate this site, and 5 minutes after we got there a Sheriff showed up. If you trespass on this property- you WILL go to jail.

Established in the late 1880’s as a family burial ground.

Claims of events: Headstones tipping over and then standing up again. People feel like they are being watched. Odors - including flowery perfume, and smoke. Apparition pacing by gate. (None of these events are reported by owner).

Investigators on site: Laura, Robin, Mark, Jim, Chris, Carl

Equipment used: Video cameras, digital cameras, 35mm film cameras, EMF detectors, digital recorders.

Findings: unexplained anomalies on photos, EMF spikes

Case status: Ongoing     


Photo by Laura Schliesser

This photo shows a strange black shape to the right of center at the top of the hill, just above the bouqet of red flowers.

This is a cropped and lightened enlargement of the section of the image in question. We have been unable to determine from other photos taken that evening what the source of the mysterious black shape is.

Photo by Carl Morones

The above photo was taken on the road just outside the cemetery gate. The unenhanced version shows a barely visible anomalous mist above and to the right of the vehicle in the foreground. Both this image and the one below are clickable to see a larger version.

This version of the photo has been enhanced in brightness and contrast to bring out the "mist". This is the only photo that the mist is seen in, and no dust or smoke was observed visually in the area by any of the NPS team. Opinions vary as to what this is, so we leave it up to you, the reader, to make your own decision.

Investigator's Reports