Ball Cemetery, NE

Case #:  59-LOU-BAL

Ball Cemetery

Important - This is private property, and is on private land. NPS was granted special permission to investigate this site, and 5 minutes after we got there a Sheriff showed up. If you trespass on this property- you WILL go to jail.

Established in the late 1880’s as a family burial ground.

Claims of events: Headstones tipping over and then standing up again. People feel like they are being watched. Odors - including flowery perfume, and smoke. Apparition pacing by gate. (None of these events are reported by owner).

Investigators on site: Laura, Robin, Mark, Jim, Chris, Carl

Equipment used: Video cameras, digital cameras, 35mm film cameras, EMF detectors, digital recorders.

Findings: unexplained anomalies on photos, EMF spikes

Case status: Ongoing     


Photo by Laura Schliesser

This photo shows a strange black shape to the right of center at the top of the hill, just above the bouqet of red flowers.

This is a cropped and lightened enlargement of the section of the image in question. We have been unable to determine from other photos taken that evening what the source of the mysterious black shape is.

Photo by Carl Morones

The above photo was taken on the road just outside the cemetery gate. The unenhanced version shows a barely visible anomalous mist above and to the right of the vehicle in the foreground. Both this image and the one below are clickable to see a larger version.

This version of the photo has been enhanced in brightness and contrast to bring out the "mist". This is the only photo that the mist is seen in, and no dust or smoke was observed visually in the area by any of the NPS team. Opinions vary as to what this is, so we leave it up to you, the reader, to make your own decision.

Investigator's Reports

xxCase #: 59-LOU-BAL Ball Cemetery, NE
October 29, 2009, 06:48:06 PM by Robin H
If Hollywood were to make a movie about a "haunted cemetery" their set would probably look just like this place. Does it give give you a creepy feeling just being there- yes. It is overgrown with trees and the branches hang low, giving that endless shadow effect. I have had personal experiences here, but nothing to back it up. I look forward to going back again. With permission of-coarse.
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xx Case #: 59-LOU-BAL Ball Cemetery, NE
Reply 1: October 30, 2009, 02:51:28 PM by Laura
While in Ball Cemetery, I really had a peaceful feeling.  It is a very quiet and remote area.  I had no feeling of being watched or threatened in any way.  I was working on an EVP session with another member and had my EMF detector on.  I asked "Whats your name?", immediately my EMF spiked then went dead.  We repeated this again and got the same exact results.  After the 2nd time, I changed the batteries in my EMF and had no further alterations.  The picture I took with the black shape in the middle was a random picture, I didnt notice anything abnormal when the picture was taken. 

xx Case #: 59-LOU-BAL Ball Cemetery, NE
Reply 2: November 02, 2009, 09:58:17 PM by mgscherer
A story that was supposed to be paranormal at Ball Cemetery is that when you're there, you may leave with rashes and welts on the skin. I'm not saying anything against these claims, but while we were there, there was a lot of Poison Ivy everywhere on the ground. A lot of trees with Poison Oak as well. I, like the smart guy I am, did wear shorts on the investigation and had left with Poison Ivy all over my ankles and legs. Between every headstone there was either grass, moss, or Poison Ivy. Maybe in my case I noticed it more because I did wear shorts? Some of the claims at Ball Cemetery could be explained by the Poison Ivy everywhere.

xx Case #: 59-LOU-BAL Ball Cemetery, NE
Reply 3: November 02, 2009, 11:15:21 PM by JimS

I also felt a sense of the serenity and peacefulness of the location, as well as a sense of history and reverence. I recognized some of the last names on headstones from my youth in a nearby community. Visiting cemeteries is not a new thing for me, as I remember helping my mother make rubbings of the headstones of her ancestors in small town cemeteries around eastern Nebraska when I was a child. I was taught respect and reverence, not fear. I think that our whole team felt a sense of reverence in visiting this place, and were saddened by the vandalism that has occurred over the years. We encountered none of the attacks or mischief that other people have reported at this site. Before we left, we resolved to leave the site cleaner than we found it, and picked up some of the leavings of others to dispose of. It was the least we could do.

The spirits of Ball Cemetery, if indeed there are any, seemed to not mind our presence there. I, too, hope to return another day. With permission.

xx Re: Case #: 59-LOU-BAL Ball Cemetery, NE
Reply 4: November 27, 2009, 12:34:49 PM by Carl
This was my first out-of-town investigation with the group.  I was pretty excited.  The last road we took to get back into the cemetery was more of a trail than a road.  It was starting to get a little creepy when it opened up to a turn-around and some daylight shone in from above.  It was heavily wooded.  There was a tall gate into the cemetery and we parked near the entrance.  It was a small place and wouldn't be visible from overhead as the trees were very thick.  I wasn't as nervous as I though I might have been.  I'm sure that was mostly due to the fact that I was with a group.  I picked up a few hits on the KII meter.  At one point, it seemed to be pretty consistent on where I was getting them from.  Kinda strange.  I was also able to capture a picture of something we weren't able to explain.  It looks like swirling smoke although there wasn't anyone near smoking (no one smoking at all at that time).  We also locked my keys in the car.  Had to have someone drive out with a spare set.  Otherwise, it was a good time.

xx Re: Case #: 59-LOU-BAL Ball Cemetery, NE
Reply 5: December 14, 2009, 03:32:46 PM by cjbne
This investigation was a challenge due to the location being outdoors.  Most of the photos I took showed lots of bugs lit up by the camera flash.  I did have a strange (but not paranormal) experience where I had placed a Digital Voice Recorder on a monument and when I returned to retrieve it, there were about 50 bugs crawling all over the monument and around my recorder.  After reviewing all of the evidence I had gathered, I found nothing paranormal on either the audio or video recorders.
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