Crete, NE

Case  #:  22-CRE-BAU

Date:  3-1-09

Type of establishment: Private residence-  2 adults and 1 child

House built in the 1990‘s, no deaths or disasters known
History of the land is unknown.

Claim of events: 3 Apparitions, 1st is a man dressed in black with a black cowboy style hat. 2nd is a man in a flannel shirt. 3rd is a girl about 10 yrs of age in a white dress. Has also seen the form of a black dog. Cabinet and doors open and close. They hear a threatening voice saying “Bitch, get out”. They have also experienced “slaps and pokes”. Faucets turn on and electrical problems.

Investigators on site:  Laura, Robin, Jim, Lisa

Equipment used: Video cameras, digital cameras, 35mm film cameras, digital recorders, white noise machine, EMF detector.

Findings: Inconclusive

Case status: Closed 

Investigator's Reports