Crete, NE

Case #:   22-CRE-SKL

Date  12-4-2010

Type of establishment:  Meeting/Social Hall.  Built in 1915,  history with a strong ethnic background.  This is large building with 8,712 sq. feet  This building was designed for multiple functions of use and for the use of a variety of activities.  Description of building is limited - to protect privacy of site.  There is believed to be death at this location - that of a small child.  No documentation has been found (as of this posting).  This building is in need of repair, and has been going through some changes.  Funds are being raised to build this beautiful building back to its grandeur.

Claims of events:  Knocking/rapping sounds,  apparitions seen,  dragging sounds,  light anomalies,  feeling of not being alone,  feelings of being watched.  Strange or unusual feelings and sounds.  

Investigators on site:  Robin,  Jim,  Dana,  Lisa,  Carl

Equipment used:  Multiple styles/brands of video cameras - including night vision,  Multiple styles/brands of digital cameras,  Film camera,  EMF meters,  Tri-Field meter,  KII meter,  Ambient thermometers,  Multiple style/brands of digital voice recorders.

Findings:   Inconclusive

Status:   Ongoing


Investigator's Reports


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xx Re: Case #: 22-CRE-SKL
Reply 1: December 19, 2010, 11:22:32 PM by Robin H
I really liked this case. It is a wonderful building- in need of repair, but has good bones. I experienced the "tapping" sound that was reported, however I was unable to say this is paranormal. It was cold in the building the night on the investigation- lots of snivels. I at one point felt something falling on my head- it was actually plaster from the ceiling- it only happened in one location. I heard talking at another time, other investigators on site stated someone was on the street talking. I found two possible EVP's- but will need to do futher analysis. I got no other possible evidence. We have another date planned to go back. I hope we find something else on our return visit. Really looking forward to it. 

xx Re: Case #: 22-CRE-SKL
Reply 2: December 20, 2010, 09:07:23 PM by gaiagrrrl
I liked this investigation as well.  Unfortunately, I didn't catch anything unusual in my photographs or my audio recordings.  I am anxious to return to this location and do some further investigating.  There may very well be something there.  I just wish I'd had better results the first time.  Can't wait to go back!

xx Re: Case #: 22-CRE-SKL
Reply 3: January 04, 2011, 11:07:38 PM by JimS
This was a fun investigation, and I'm looking forward to going back. This building had a good feel to it, and brought back memories of adventures that I enjoyed in similar halls as a child. Ditching the adults and exploring the building was standard operating procedure for me, so this was right in my zone.

I think the equipment handled the cold better than I did, but no audio or photo evidence was found. There were a lot of odd building noises and some contamination from the comings and goings of patrons at a nearby tavern in the audio recordings, but nothing was recovered that seemed paranormal in nature.
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