Crete, NE

Case #:   22-CRE-SKL

Date  12-4-2010

Type of establishment:  Meeting/Social Hall.  Built in 1915,  history with a strong ethnic background.  This is large building with 8,712 sq. feet  This building was designed for multiple functions of use and for the use of a variety of activities.  Description of building is limited - to protect privacy of site.  There is believed to be death at this location - that of a small child.  No documentation has been found (as of this posting).  This building is in need of repair, and has been going through some changes.  Funds are being raised to build this beautiful building back to its grandeur.

Claims of events:  Knocking/rapping sounds,  apparitions seen,  dragging sounds,  light anomalies,  feeling of not being alone,  feelings of being watched.  Strange or unusual feelings and sounds.  

Investigators on site:  Robin,  Jim,  Dana,  Lisa,  Carl

Equipment used:  Multiple styles/brands of video cameras - including night vision,  Multiple styles/brands of digital cameras,  Film camera,  EMF meters,  Tri-Field meter,  KII meter,  Ambient thermometers,  Multiple style/brands of digital voice recorders.

Findings:   Inconclusive

Status:   Ongoing


Investigator's Reports