Fairbury, NE

Case #:  33-FAI-Hug


Date:  5-8-09


Type of establishment:  Private residence- 2 adults and 2 young children

House built in the 1920’s, unknown if there were any deaths in the house


Claim of events:  Apparition of a woman with a bun in her hair wearing a white dress from 1920’s.  She seemed to follow one of the occupants.  Have seen also seen a ghost cat.  TV remote control flew off the top of the TV.  Clicking noises and whispering heard.  Feelings of being watched and of unseen presences.  Ball seen rolling across the floor.


Investigators on site:  Robin, Laura, Jim, Chris


Equipment used:  Video cameras, digital cameras, digital recorders, digital floor level, EMF detector


Findings:  No evidence of paranormal found


Case status:  Closed

Investigator's Reports