Fairbury, NE

Case #:  33-FAI-Roc


Date:  8-14-10


Type of establishment:  Rock Island Depot is now a museum, but was formerly a train station.


History of establishment:  The depot was built in 1914 and closed in 1980.  It is now a railroad museum.  In August 1894, a train leaving the depot crashed just outside of Lincoln, NE.  11 people lost their lives and many were injured.  It was considered Nebraska's largest mass murder.  The original article from 1894 can be seen at http://journalstar.com/article_a946fcfe-1fc8-11df-80d0-001cc4c002e0.html


Claim of events:  Apparition of a man, foot steps, unexplained noises, shadows


Investigators on site:  Laura, Robin, Jim, Mark, Lisa, Dana


Equipment used:  Video cameras, digital cameras, audio recorders, laser pointer, EMF detector, thermometers


Case status:  Ongoing

Investigator's Reports

xxCase #: 33-FAI-ROC Rock Island Depot, Fairbury, NE
October 07, 2010, 07:41:24 PM by Robin H
Beautiful Historic Bldg. After I was in the bldg for awhile I started feeling really bad. I was really hot- the air conditioner was not running. I started feeling dizzy & sick to my stomach. This was the beginning of a nasty cold.
While the team I was on was upstairs- we heard what we thought to be screams. The team downstairs stated that it was a squeaky door that they closed because they could hear us.
I think that because I was feeling so bad, I didnt have any experiences.
We are invited to go back. Hopefully I will have an experience, and get some evidence.
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xx Re: Case #: 33-FAI-ROC Rock Island Depot, Fairbury, NE
Reply 1: October 10, 2010, 06:06:51 PM by gaiagrrrl
This was my first investigation with Nebraska Paranormal Society.  I had a great time and I learned so much.  I would like to go back sometime.

I didn't have many experiences except for when we were on the second floor.  I felt like there was something there.  I felt creepy in the upstairs hallway, but that's the only place.  I thought I had a good EVP, but everybody seemed to think it was the squeaky door from downstairs.  

I would very much like to go back to this location and investigate further, especially on the second floor.

First potential EVP found:

Second potential EVP found:

xx Re: Case #: 33-FAI-ROC Rock Island Depot, Fairbury, NE
Reply 2: October 11, 2010, 11:34:53 AM by Laura
I love the history of this train station.  I found no evidence that would indicate paranormal activity during our time there.  Perhaps we will do a follow-up investigation in the future and hopefully have better luck in finding what others have seen in the building.

xx Re: Case #: 33-FAI-ROC Rock Island Depot, Fairbury, NE
Reply 3: October 13, 2010, 01:45:03 PM by Lisa
This is a beautiful location and had very cool information about the past of the station.  I didn't feel like there was any paranormal activity, but at one point when Robin, Dana and I were investigating, I saw someone walk behind Robin, who was sitting on the floor near the photo walls.  We also hear a noise around the same time, but think that it was just a noise, nothing paranormal.

When we did move up to the 2nd floor, we found an interesting scrapbook of deaths and accidents associated with the railroad serving this depot.  This is when Robin began to feel ill.  We moved to the end of the hallway where we did an evp session where, twice, we heard very faint screaming.  All three of us heard this with our ears, but I wasn't able to pull it out of the noise.  Because of this, I have since gotten a much better digital recorder which I am excited to try out.

I used my K-2, video camera, Flip camera, Canon Digital camera and digital recorder.  I didn't get any evidence, but did enjoy the investigation

xx Re: Case #: 33-FAI-ROC Rock Island Depot, Fairbury, NE
Reply 4: November 06, 2010, 12:43:08 PM by JimS

The only thing that happened to me here was a creepy feeling as I ascended the stairs at the end by myself, in the dark, to retrieve my video camera. No evidence captured.

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