Falls City, NE

Case #:   19-FAL-MCT

Date:   3-7-09

Type of establishment:   Private residence- 1 adult and 1 child
House built in the early 1900’s. Claims of a death at site, but no
Record of this. This house was completely remodeled by new owners.
No disasters are known to have happened to or at this property. 

Claim of events: Apparitions seen, from shadows to what was seen as “real” people. Claims of smoke seen without a source. Unexplained noises and footsteps. Whispers and voices heard. Feelings of being watched. Smells of perfume and cigarette smoke.

Investigators at site: Robin, Laura, Jim

Equipment used: EMF, video cameras, digital cameras, 35mm camera
Digital voice recorders, Tri-field meter. IR thermometers.

Findings: Inconclusive

Case status: Ongoing 

Investigator's Reports