Falls City, NE

Case #:   19-FAL-MCT

Date:   3-7-09

Type of establishment:   Private residence- 1 adult and 1 child
House built in the early 1900’s. Claims of a death at site, but no
Record of this. This house was completely remodeled by new owners.
No disasters are known to have happened to or at this property. 

Claim of events: Apparitions seen, from shadows to what was seen as “real” people. Claims of smoke seen without a source. Unexplained noises and footsteps. Whispers and voices heard. Feelings of being watched. Smells of perfume and cigarette smoke.

Investigators at site: Robin, Laura, Jim

Equipment used: EMF, video cameras, digital cameras, 35mm camera
Digital voice recorders, Tri-field meter. IR thermometers.

Findings: Inconclusive

Case status: Ongoing 

Investigator's Reports

xxCase #: 19-FAL-MCT Falls City, NE
November 17, 2009, 10:58:47 PM by JimS
March 7, 2009
Falls City, Nebraska
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xx Re: Case #: 19-FAL-MCT Falls City, NE
Reply 1: November 27, 2009, 10:23:47 PM by Laura
This case was in an old, large, and beautifully restored home.  The claims of deaths in the house were unable to be confirmed.  After talking with the family extensively, I believe this family may have been experiencing things, but we were unable to confirm them on this investigation.

xx Re: Case #: 19-FAL-MCT Falls City, NE
Reply 2: November 28, 2009, 01:45:42 PM by Robin H
This house has been though some extensive remodeling, which could have "stirred" up spmething during that time. We were unable to experience any of their claims. This was a very interesting case. I have no evidence from this location.

xx Re: Case #: 19-FAL-MCT Falls City, NE
Reply 3: November 28, 2009, 02:38:55 PM by JimS

The owner of the home seemed very friendly and open, and I enjoyed chatting with her and talking about her experiences. The basement seemed a little spooky, but that may have been due to the odd floor - there was a sandy area in the middle that seemed unfinished.

Although no hard evidence was captured at this site, it was a good learning experience for what to do (and not do) during EVP sessions. I recorded what could easily pass for a superb Class-A EVP, except for the fact that I remembered one of the other members standing next to me whispering the words in response to a comment I made. I also believe that there may actually be something going on there, even though we were unable to confirm.
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