Ft. Robinson, NE

Case #:    Fort Robinson State Park

Nurses Quarters



Date:   9-24 thru 9-26   2010



Type of establishment: State Park

    In August 1873, the Red Cloud Agency was moved from the North Platte River to the White River, near what is now Crawford Nebraska in the northwest corner of the present-day state. The following March, the U.S Government authorized the establishment of a military camp at the agency site. Home to some 13,000 Lakota’s, some of them hostile, the Agency was a source of tension on the Great Plains.

    The camp was named Camp Robinson in honor of Lt. Levi H. Robinson, who had been killed by Indians while on a wood detail in February. In May, the camp was moved 1.5 mi (2.4 km) west of the agency to its present location; the camp was renamed Fort Robinson in January 1878. Fort Robinson played a major role in the Sioux Wars from 1876 to 1890. The Battle of Warbonnet Creek took place nearby in July 1876. Crazy Horse surrendered here with his band on May 6, 1877. Later that year, he was fatally wounded while resisting imprisonment on September 5. A historic plaque marks the site of his death.

    In January 1879, Chief Morning Star (also known as Dull Knife) led the Northern Cheyenne in an outbreak from the agency. Because the Cheyenne had refused to return to Indian Territory, where they believed conditions were too adverse for them to survive, the army had been holding them without adequate food, water or heat during the severe winter to try to force them into submission. Soldiers hunted down the escapees and killed most over the next several weeks. The event marked the end of the Sioux Wars in Nebraska.


Claims of events: Reports of Soldiers seen on grounds, Indians on horseback. Claims of hearing horses at night in park where Crazy Horse’s Memorial is. 


Investigators on site:  Robin,  Laura,  Jim,  Dana


Equipment used: Digital camera‘s, video camera’s,  digital voice recorders,

Roger Merchant's - EMF detector.


Findings: Inconculsive


Status: Closed - but will vacation there again. 



Investigator's Reports


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xx Re: Case #: Ft. Robinson
Reply 1: October 09, 2010, 10:35:01 PM by Robin H
Awww. This place is dripping in history. It was more of a vacation more than a investigation though... We stayed a the "Nurses Quarters". A historic two story house, it was VERY comfortable. I not once had an eerie feeling - I slept well. I am sure something is lingering there, but I didn't see it, feel it or have evidence of it. I would love to go back and stay in a different place.  
I have nothing on my audio recorder. I did get this unexplained photo. Let me know what you think it is.  

xx Re: Case #: Ft. Robinson
Reply 2: October 10, 2010, 04:13:58 PM by gaiagrrrl
Weird photo, Robin!  I remember that tree, and I can't explain that black spot.

I didn't catch anything at Ft. Robinson.  I thoroughly enjoyed staying in the Nurse's Quarters!  What a lovely and comfortable house!  It had such a homey feel to it.  I usually can't sleep well anywhere other than my own bed and surprisingly I slept very pleasantly both nights we were there.  I did feel very sad in a few spots, but I'm not sure if I was picking something up, or if I just felt sorrowful due to the unhappy history of the location.

I did however have a fabulous time and enjoyed our trip west very much.  I would like to go back sometime and check out some of those old battlefields more thoroughly.

xx Re: Case #: Ft. Robinson
Reply 3: October 12, 2010, 09:38:36 PM by Laura
Fort Robinson is such an awesome place.  It is absolutely packed with major events in history.  I have had strange feelings here on previous trips, but this trip left me with a calming feeling.  On a previous visit, I stayed in one of the officers quarters and felt it had an eerie kind of vibe to it.

During this visit, we bunkered down in the nurses quarters.  I had previously heard of children being locked in one of the bedrooms and were unable to open the door from either side.  Then, when all was quiet, the door opened on its own.  Other strange occurances took place in the nurses quarters during my friends visit.

My experience of the nurses quarters was absolutely calming.  I would go so far as to say that it was unusually serene in the old house.  I felt warm and welcome there.  A place I could easily settle into for a long time.  I'm not sure if that is something that the nurses from so long ago had something to do with or not.  We attempted to obtain some sort of EVP but were unsuccessful. 

The old cemetery was a baffeling situation.  The headstones were all erect, but the names had all been scratched off and were facing north and south.  Normally, headstones face east or west.  Apparently the bodies had been moved at one point due to flooding.  We were unable to determine where the bodies were moved.  I felt no impressions of anything paranormal in this location. 

The location where Crazy Horse was murdered always has somewhat of a somber feel to it.  I have attempted to obtain evidence of his presence here, but feel he resides in another place.  On one of my previous visits to this area, I took pictures of the newly reconstructed buildings, it appears that I caught the image of a person in one of the windows. 

I am certain that Fort Robinson is a place where some of its history remains eternally.  I plan to return and make sure I have the time I need to find its permanent residents.

xx Re: Case #: Ft. Robinson
Reply 4: November 06, 2010, 12:49:12 PM by JimS
The spot where Crazy Horse was fatally wounded had a lonely feeling, but nothing was captured there. Further review of evidence may turn something unnoticed up. It was interesting, and poignant, to see offerings of cigarettes at the monument by admirers of Crazy Horse.
A great spot to spend some time - a week or four, I would say. Steeped in history, and surrounded by fantastic scenery. A must-visit, even if the spirits are on vacation somewhere else.

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