Ft. Robinson, NE

Case #:    Fort Robinson State Park

Nurses Quarters



Date:   9-24 thru 9-26   2010



Type of establishment: State Park

    In August 1873, the Red Cloud Agency was moved from the North Platte River to the White River, near what is now Crawford Nebraska in the northwest corner of the present-day state. The following March, the U.S Government authorized the establishment of a military camp at the agency site. Home to some 13,000 Lakota’s, some of them hostile, the Agency was a source of tension on the Great Plains.

    The camp was named Camp Robinson in honor of Lt. Levi H. Robinson, who had been killed by Indians while on a wood detail in February. In May, the camp was moved 1.5 mi (2.4 km) west of the agency to its present location; the camp was renamed Fort Robinson in January 1878. Fort Robinson played a major role in the Sioux Wars from 1876 to 1890. The Battle of Warbonnet Creek took place nearby in July 1876. Crazy Horse surrendered here with his band on May 6, 1877. Later that year, he was fatally wounded while resisting imprisonment on September 5. A historic plaque marks the site of his death.

    In January 1879, Chief Morning Star (also known as Dull Knife) led the Northern Cheyenne in an outbreak from the agency. Because the Cheyenne had refused to return to Indian Territory, where they believed conditions were too adverse for them to survive, the army had been holding them without adequate food, water or heat during the severe winter to try to force them into submission. Soldiers hunted down the escapees and killed most over the next several weeks. The event marked the end of the Sioux Wars in Nebraska.


Claims of events: Reports of Soldiers seen on grounds, Indians on horseback. Claims of hearing horses at night in park where Crazy Horse’s Memorial is. 


Investigators on site:  Robin,  Laura,  Jim,  Dana


Equipment used: Digital camera‘s, video camera’s,  digital voice recorders,

Roger Merchant's - EMF detector.


Findings: Inconculsive


Status: Closed - but will vacation there again. 



Investigator's Reports