Private Residence, Lincoln, NE

Case #  2-LIN-MAS


Date:  11-6-10

Type of establishment: Private residence. 3 adults and 4 children.

This is a large home that has three generations of the same family living there. The family have cats that belonged to a deceased family member.

House was built in the early 1900’s. One known death on property that was a family member of the current owners. The prior history of the location is unknown. Has been owned by the family for 35 years. History of the land is unknown. This family has suffered with multiple deaths of their loved ones. 

Claims of events: Shadows seen by multiple people, Footsteps heard and blamed on resident ghost “Harry”. Harry was made up by the mother of the family to explain the footsteps when her children were young.   

Investigators on site:  Robin, Laura, Dana

Equipment used: Night vision video camera, multiple digital cameras, EMF meter, ambient thermometer, multiple digital voice recorders.

Findings: To be added in- Investigators Reports

Case Status: Ongoing

Investigator's Reports


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xx Re: Case #: 2-LIN-MAS Private Residence
Reply 1: November 08, 2010, 09:51:26 PM by Robin H
This investigation ripped at my heart. This family is so nice, yet has experienced such trauma. There have been two deaths in the family that were sudden and one that continues to be a mystery. The loss in this family goes much deeper, but is not pertinent to this investigation. We arrived at 8:30pm, the family were in their "jammies" and I felt like joining them. I felt very welcome into this home. We sat at the table after having a tour of the home. The mother of the family sat with us and told us her story. I had tears in my eyes on more than one occasion. EMF fields were normal in the home, with the ecception of the kitchen that ran about a 2. Temp was 78.6 throughout and we never had any flucuations. During an EVP session I experienced a strong smell of cigarette smoke. There was no smoking in the house. At one point I heard a tapping sound coming from the kitchen, there was a small kitten in the home that was accounted for at the time. I am looking forward to talking to this family again and doing another investigation.     

xx Re: Case #: 2-LIN-MAS Private Residence
Reply 2: November 10, 2010, 08:45:37 PM by gaiagrrrl
I was very moved by the losses this family has had to endure.  The family was very friendly and I felt welcome in their home.  Lovely people.  I hope things settle down for them and they can experience a period of time without any more sudden losses and heartaches.

We arrived around 8:30 pm.  We sat around the dining room table and listened to the family's stories.  Later we took a tour of the home and ended up back at the table for an EVP session.  I also experienced smelling cigarette smoke a couple of times.  It was so strong; it was as if one of us at the table had lit up.  I also heard the knocking sound coming from the kitchen.  Though we suspected the kitten at first, we discovered that she was in another room at the time.  A few minutes later, the ice machine made some noises.  Could the knocking sound have been the ice machine?  I don't know.  I did have two possible EVPs during this session, which I will attach to this report.  I didn't find anything out of the ordinary in my photos though.

This was the most intimate investigation I've been on with the group.  The tragedies involved are still so recent.  I am glad that this family was able to confide in us, and I hope that we may have the opportunity to further assist them in the future.


xx Re: Case #: 2-LIN-MAS Private Residence
Reply 3: November 16, 2010, 11:37:16 AM by Laura
This is a very sad and heart breaking case.  The family has endured more than their fair share of trauma and illness. The occupants of the residence feel it is their loved ones that are still present.  I will not be posting any evidence that I have found here because it is a matter very personal to this family.  We did, however, have some personal experiences such as the mentioned cigarette smoke smell and heard knocking sounds from the kitchen.  The knocking sounds may have been from one of the cats in the house, but we are pretty sure they were not in there at the time.  At one point, I did feel a lot cooler than at other times, but there were no significant variations on the thermometer. 

I would like to work with this family to assist them in any way possible to put their minds at ease and give them some sort of closure. 

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