Private Residence, Lincoln, NE

Case #  2-LIN-MAS


Date:  11-6-10

Type of establishment: Private residence. 3 adults and 4 children.

This is a large home that has three generations of the same family living there. The family have cats that belonged to a deceased family member.

House was built in the early 1900’s. One known death on property that was a family member of the current owners. The prior history of the location is unknown. Has been owned by the family for 35 years. History of the land is unknown. This family has suffered with multiple deaths of their loved ones. 

Claims of events: Shadows seen by multiple people, Footsteps heard and blamed on resident ghost “Harry”. Harry was made up by the mother of the family to explain the footsteps when her children were young.   

Investigators on site:  Robin, Laura, Dana

Equipment used: Night vision video camera, multiple digital cameras, EMF meter, ambient thermometer, multiple digital voice recorders.

Findings: To be added in- Investigators Reports

Case Status: Ongoing

Investigator's Reports