Private Residence, Lincoln, Nebraska

Case #: 2-LIN-SYK

Date: 3-21-10

Type of establishment: Private residence. 2 adults, 3 children - and 1
on the way.

House built in 1910, was recently remodeled. Tenants rent this house.
No deaths or disasters are known. Although, they did speak with
previous tenants that said they left after 2 months due to activity.

Claims of events: Hear knocking, footsteps, names called. Bathroom
Faucet turns on, there is a child gate kept on door. Unexplained mood
changes, pets behave strangely, objects moving or disappear. Physical
touching, children have scratches or bite marks - they say “the monster
did it”. Feelings of being watched. Paranoia.

Investigators on site: Robin, Laura, Jim, Mark

Equipment used: Video cameras, digital cameras, 35mm film
cameras, digital recorders, EMF detectors, ambient room
thermometer. TRI field meter.

Findings: Inconclusive

Status: Ongoing

Investigator's Reports