Temple Theater, UN-L Campus

Case #: 2-LIN-Tem

Date: 6/15/09

Weather conditions: Severe thunderstorms

Type of establishment: Theatre

Temple Building- University of Nebraska

Known History: Constructed in 1906 to be a student activity center and theatre. John Rockefeller matched funding for this building. The building now houses the UNL radio station, offices and 2 main theatres. In the 1940’s, a student fell from the overhead in the main theatre and succumbed to his injuries. Dallas Williams, Theatre Department Chairman from 1944-1971, was know for his dramatic theatre teachings such as throwing chairs during class.

Claim of events: Apparition of a man seen near the stage, shadow figure seen in sound booth, thumping noise from attic, mess was cleaned up after attic was locked up, sound of chairs being thrown, someone walking across the balcony and a seat is pushed down as if someone was sitting in it, entity seen in basement, sound of someone practicing tap dancing on the stage.

Investigators on site: Laura, Robin, Jim, Chris, Carl, Lisa, Mark

Equipment used: Digital and 35mm film cameras, several styles of video cameras, EMF detectors, digital and microcassette tape audio recorders

Findings: In the attic of this building is where the stage props are housed. It was very humid and hot, 85 degrees was the base reading. Several personal experiences occurred. Feelings of being on edge, cold chills and goose bumps several times although there was no notable change in temperature, shadows seen walking by door, voices heard and caught on tape, chair vibrating when someone sitting in it.

High EMF readings in basement due to set up of lighting and computers. No paranormal evidence noted in basement.

No paranormal events noted in either of the theatres.

Case status: Ongoing


Photo by Jim Shorney

NPS tours the Lab Theater. L-R: Mark, our host, Lisa, Robin, Chris, Laura.

Photo by Jim Shorney

Chris checks out the Scene Shop

Photo by Jim Shorney

The platform off the main stage.

Photo by Jim Shorney

Carl and Lisa check out the basement.

Photo by Jim Shorney

Chris relaxes during an EVP session in the Lab Theater

Photo by Jim Shorney

Flowers for a ghost. We set this up at the intersection in the attic where items are reported to have been mysteriously moved or put away.

Investigator's Reports