Mission Cemetery, Macy, NE

Mission Cemetery, Macy, NEMission Cemetery, Macy, NE
Photos by Jim Shorney

Case #:   55-MAC-MIS

Date:   8-7-09

Type of establishment:  Cemetery


Presbyterian Mission Cemetery
Thurston County, Nebraska

The Presbyterian Mission Cemetery was founded in 1853 by Rev. Wm. Hamilton, whose wife Julia Ann is buried here. This sits high along the banks of the Missouri River on the Omaha Indian Reservation. The cemetery has been abandoned and has been allowed to go back to nature. Someone placed fence posts - but no fence was put up. Six stones were found, with the names and dates for 9 people. To get to this location, one must have someone give you a general idea where it is, and be prepared to hike some distance - and it is a rough terrain. Even then there are no indications where it is, one must make widening circles through the trees.

Claims of events:   There are no events noted, yet it is reported by the Park Rangers to be a “creepy place”. The Rangers “don’t go near it a night“, as told to Laura.  

Investigators at site:   Robin, Laura, Jim, Angela

Notes:   We arrived on a Friday afternoon. We set out with our equipment to find the cemetery, after many hours of trying to find it- we were unable to find it that day. We set out again the following morning - and finally found it. Of course, we didn’t take much equipment, but we had our cameras.

Findings:   Inconclusive

Status: Ongoing


Photo by Robin Harmon

One of the better preserved headstones

Photo by Robin Harmon

Laura examines a headstone

Photo by Robin Harmon

The cemetery wasn't our only adventure. Mark says "you ain't stuck until you walk away"

Photo by Robin Harmon

We did not walk away. He got out! 

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