Private Residence, Omaha, Nebraska

Case #: 1-OMA-TWO

Date: 3-20-10

Type of establishment: Private residence - 1 middle-aged adult, widowed;
sister and niece (and their 2 dogs) of resident are close and visit often.

House built in the 1920’s approximately. One death is known at site,
Spouse of resident. History of the land is unknown.

Claim of events: Doors on entertainment center opening, picture fell of shelf
in entertainment center. Window blinds open and close quickly. Hearing
what sounds like a hand wiping down the bathroom shower door.
Creepy feelings in basement. Feelings of being watched, when sister is
outside “especially in the back yard”. Dogs act weird. Recent death in family.

Investigators on site: Robin, Laura, Jim, Mark

Equipment used: 2 night vision video cameras, multiple digital cameras,
film camera, EMF meters, TRI field meter, Ambient thermometer, multiple
digital voice recorders.

Findings: To be added after evidence reviewed.

Case status: unknown until evidence reviewed

Investigator's Reports

xxCase #: 1-OMA-TWO
March 25, 2010, 04:19:11 PM by mgscherer
This case was a very good learning experience for newer investigators like myself. We meet the host family and interviewed them. They were a very nice family. The owner of the house lives there on her own. Her husband just recently passed away in the house. Her sister and teen daughter come over a lot to visit and hang out. The teen daughter has had the majority of the unexplained experiences. One of the claims of the daughter is, glass doors on the entertainment center opening and a family picture falling to the floor. Blinds opening and closing. Heard strange noises from the bathroom upstairs shower door. The sister of the owner of the house at night feels very scared to be there at night. She has feelings of being watched from the front second story windows. Has very creepy feeling in the back yard. Everyone has claimed to be creeped out upstairs where the bed rooms are at and in the basement where the husband had passed away.

While on the investigation, I had noticed a lot of electrical problems with the house. Laura's EMF detector spiked very high in the whole back side of the house upstairs and down. There was a utility pole in the back yard with low hanging wires all through the back yard. Laura's EMF detector spiked hard upstairs. There is a cell phone tower just not even a block away from the house and a major hospital right across the street.

We had determined that we didn't feel any paranormal feelings in the house. If there were any, would be residual energy. We all came to the conclusion that there is a lot maybe even dangerous levels of electromagnetic activity and that the owner should look into this for her own health. Over all was a very good investigation and wonderful family to get to know.
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xx Re: Case #: 1-OMA-TWO
Reply 1: March 28, 2010, 10:35:56 PM by JimS

This was a very nice older home, in excellent condition and well updated over the years. I enjoyed meeting with the family and discussing their problems, and they seemed very grateful to have the team there. The spirits, if there are any, didn't cooperate with us (as happens often). I do think that there may have been some cultural conditioning involved in this case, because one member of the family enjoys horror movies and another had spent time researching and reading paranormal sites on the internet. This may condition some people to have spooky feelings about old houses.

It was hard to debunk the claim about the glass doors on the entertainment center. Although they were mounted incorrectly, making the magnetic latches ineffective, the doors themselves seemed to be very stable; the unit was well-leveled and seemed sturdy, and although the doors moved freely, they tended to stay where they were put and did not seem to want to move easily from vibration or air movement. The framed photo in question also did not seem likely to be easily tipped over.

I did feel a little uneasy in the spot where the resident's spouse passed away, but I think that was more due to just knowing what had happened there than anything else.

xx Re: Case #: 1-OMA-TWO
Reply 2: April 07, 2010, 01:50:36 PM by Robin H
This was a nice comfortable house, with exceptionaly nice people. It was a very comfortable house. The interview with these people was like visiting with old friends. There was a large loss of a loved one here- unexpected. I used a multitude of cameras, EMF detectors. ambient room temperatures. I got abnormal results with the EMF detector, it ran high in the upstairs spare bedroom, and in the basement. My impression is that this house is not haunted. But I would love to go back for the brownies....yum.

xx Re: Case #: 1-OMA-TWO
Reply 3: April 21, 2010, 03:46:52 PM by Laura
I enjoyed this investigation.  The family members involved were reputable and very pleasant to work with.  I have no doubt that there may have been a certain visitor that stopped by to check on them, but I dont feel he is "stuck" there.  I felt that the upstairs bedroom could possibly have a residual type effect, explaining why they felt as if they were being watched.  I had very high EMF readings in one of the bedrooms and in part of the upstairs hallway, I am certain it was electrical related and not of paranormal origin, but could definately contribute to the "creepy" feeling one of the family members experienced.  I obtained no evidence on this investigation, but I hope that the explanations we gave to the the family will give them peace. 
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