Private Residence, Omaha, Nebraska

Case #: 1-OMA-TWO

Date: 3-20-10

Type of establishment: Private residence - 1 middle-aged adult, widowed;
sister and niece (and their 2 dogs) of resident are close and visit often.

House built in the 1920’s approximately. One death is known at site,
Spouse of resident. History of the land is unknown.

Claim of events: Doors on entertainment center opening, picture fell of shelf
in entertainment center. Window blinds open and close quickly. Hearing
what sounds like a hand wiping down the bathroom shower door.
Creepy feelings in basement. Feelings of being watched, when sister is
outside “especially in the back yard”. Dogs act weird. Recent death in family.

Investigators on site: Robin, Laura, Jim, Mark

Equipment used: 2 night vision video cameras, multiple digital cameras,
film camera, EMF meters, TRI field meter, Ambient thermometer, multiple
digital voice recorders.

Findings: To be added after evidence reviewed.

Case status: unknown until evidence reviewed

Investigator's Reports