Private Stables, Waverly, Nebraska

Case #: 2-WAV-WEB

Date: 11-14-09

Type of establishment: Private residence - Horse acreage
Has been a horse acreage for 40 years, Private residence for the
last year.

History- History of the land is unknown, no deaths or disasters are
known at site.

Claims of events: Being touched - has felt hands on shoulders. Hears woman singing, cold spots, hears name called, “feels energy drained from
body”, hears child’s laugh, footsteps, feelings of being watched.

Investigators on site: Robin, Jim, Mark

Equipment used: Night shot camcorder, video camera, digital camera, digital voice recorders, 35mm film camera, EMF-tri field. Temperature gauges, wind speed gauge.

Findings: uneasy feelings, temperature changes, anomalies on pictures, possible EVPs- this will be reviewed further.

Case Status: Ongoing

Anomalous Mist

Photo by Jim Shorney

This is a photo of Robin and our host greeting one of the horses in the stable. The source of the mist in the upper left quadrant of the photo is unkown. Ambient temperature was 58F, with very little air movement inside the building. There was a high concentration of fine dust particles in the air that produced images of dust orbs in some other photos, bu the dust is not believed to be responsible for this effect. The camera was being held away from and to the right of the photographer's face and pointed in the general direction of the subjects when the photo was taken. The photographer was looking in the same direction as the camera when the photo was taken, and noticed nothing out of the ordinary. Subsequent photos of the same area show nothing unusual.


Photo by Jim Shorney

This is a photo of the same area taken one minute later. No mist is visible.

Mark and friend
Photo by Jim Shorney

Mark checks out the area where the mist was photographed. This photo was taken from the other direction.

Investigator's Reports