Private Stables, Waverly, Nebraska

Case #: 2-WAV-WEB

Date: 11-14-09

Type of establishment: Private residence - Horse acreage
Has been a horse acreage for 40 years, Private residence for the
last year.

History- History of the land is unknown, no deaths or disasters are
known at site.

Claims of events: Being touched - has felt hands on shoulders. Hears woman singing, cold spots, hears name called, “feels energy drained from
body”, hears child’s laugh, footsteps, feelings of being watched.

Investigators on site: Robin, Jim, Mark

Equipment used: Night shot camcorder, video camera, digital camera, digital voice recorders, 35mm film camera, EMF-tri field. Temperature gauges, wind speed gauge.

Findings: uneasy feelings, temperature changes, anomalies on pictures, possible EVPs- this will be reviewed further.

Case Status: Ongoing

Anomalous Mist

Photo by Jim Shorney

This is a photo of Robin and our host greeting one of the horses in the stable. The source of the mist in the upper left quadrant of the photo is unkown. Ambient temperature was 58F, with very little air movement inside the building. There was a high concentration of fine dust particles in the air that produced images of dust orbs in some other photos, bu the dust is not believed to be responsible for this effect. The camera was being held away from and to the right of the photographer's face and pointed in the general direction of the subjects when the photo was taken. The photographer was looking in the same direction as the camera when the photo was taken, and noticed nothing out of the ordinary. Subsequent photos of the same area show nothing unusual.


Photo by Jim Shorney

This is a photo of the same area taken one minute later. No mist is visible.

Mark and friend
Photo by Jim Shorney

Mark checks out the area where the mist was photographed. This photo was taken from the other direction.

Investigator's Reports

xxCase #: 2-WAV-WEB
November 20, 2009, 10:13:28 PM by JimS
October 14, 2009
Waverly, Nebraska
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xx Re: Case #: 2-WAV-WEB
Reply 1: November 22, 2009, 12:16:10 AM by Robin H
I instantly felt a connection to the person that lives here. I cant say exactly what that connection is tho.....She is a very sweet person, who has had tragedy in her life. She lost a child at a young age, and her husband-more recently. Our interview with her went well. She showed us around, she wanted to show me where the "cold spot always is" When we got there, I felt it- could this have been power of suggsetion?. We got no huge temperature changes in that spot. When Jim shown me his picture he got, we tried to discredit it, but was unable to see or breath, we kicked up dust- nothing matched what was in the picture. They was an "unease" that I felt at times. I may have a possible EVP-sorry I am still review it.

xx Re: Case #: 2-WAV-WEB
Reply 2: November 27, 2009, 09:05:42 PM by JimS

This was kind of a "different" investigation. We met some horses a nice lady. A lot of noise was noticed from nearby neighbors, who our host said like to party outdoors a lot. That may account for some of the noise and voices being heard. There was a high concentration of very fine dust in the air that could be seen in flashlight beams and camera flash reflections, but surprisingly few dust orbs showed up in my photographs.

The stable had sort of a spooky atmosphere to it, due to the dim lighting. Photos that I took using available light (no flash) have a greenish cast to them, which an electrician friend of mine tells me is caused by mercury vapor lamps that are near the end of their life. I have no explanation for the anomalous mist that appeared in the one photo. I found nothing on audio or video recordings.

xx Waverly horse stables
Reply 3: December 07, 2009, 11:59:41 PM by mgscherer
I at this investigation felt more close to the hostess. This was a lady who needed help and asked for it. I upon the investigation had the chance to sit in on the initial interview with the hostess. That night we went out there was a cold night. It was a stale bitter cold night. The air was thick and heavy. Walking around the stables, there were many different colder spots and uncomfortable feeling spots. In the work room of the stables is where I had felt more uneasy than I have had felt anywhere before. We had noticed in a lot of our photographs a lot of orbs. We tried several times kicking up dirt and dust, but nothing so were those actual orbs? Many noises that I could not explain in that room as well. In the back stables where more of the horses were was the area we all felt uncomfortable. We had a awesome photograph by Jim in that area. One of the claims of the stables is heavy footsteps on the roof of the apartment of the hostess sleeps. We got a tall ladder out and Jim and I both went up to look at the roof of the apartment. Was so dusty and no foot prints of anything human or critters. Jim and I tried over and over to recreate many of the noises of the claims of the stables. We could not create one single noise. Over all it was for me a learning investigation and a humbling one as well.

xx Re: Case #: 2-WAV-WEB
Reply 4: March 08, 2010, 09:25:24 PM by Robin H
Follow-up was done on 3-6-10. We will be reviewing and posting soon.  Keep checking back.  Robin

xx Re: Case #: 2-WAV-WEB
Reply 5: March 08, 2010, 11:35:52 PM by mgscherer
On this follow up investigation, I felt more comfortable knowing what to expect being there for the second time. I had the oppurtunity to help some of the team members that havent been there with the history of the grounds. I had the oppurtunity to follw and learn a lot from two wonderful vetran investigators. At this investigation I didnt not feel any creepy feelings as before. I did once again get some deep emotions from the hostess. I felt some very deep emotions and tradegy through out this investigation. The only unexplained thing that happened to me was when I was walking around the corner of the stables, The dog looked at me and was very scared of me or something around me. Before the dog would not leave my side and wanted me to pet it. Was a great investigation I had a blast.

xx Re: Case #: 2-WAV-WEB
Reply 6: March 18, 2010, 08:23:31 PM by Robin H
Follow-up on March 6th 2010:
I used a 35 mm film camera- and I got no results. There was a green shading, but it was from the lights in the stables.
I used a ambient themometer, temperatures were within a five dergree flucuation. I did get a reading that was way off, but I believed this to be an error.
I used a digital recorder, but because of other investigators- in other parts of the stables, this was considered as contaminated.

xx Re: Case #: 2-WAV-WEB
Reply 7: April 05, 2010, 10:03:55 AM by amwell
I thought that this place was interesting.  My first impression before I even entered the building was that I was being watched.  The lingering energy that was there wasn?t threatening, in my opinion.  I noticed something when I entered the area with the tractors but not the area with the living quarters.  The back stable area was really interesting.  It almost felt like I was walking into a horror movie when I walked through the door to the stables.  I couldn?t pick up anything in the actual bedroom area besides a lot of electrical buzzing.  I took quite a few pictures but ended up with no odd anomalies.
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