Spirit Photography


35mm camera— always have one with you to use. Make sure the film is good and not expired. The camera does not have to be fancy. 400 speed film is recommended. Results have come through with all types of film camera, even the disposable ones. Black and white film can be useful also as it is more sensitive to different UV lights.

Digital camera— always great to have to get instant results, back up any results with the film camera. 8 megapixels or more is ideal.

If you are in a dark location like a cemetery, set camera for night shot. Take LOTS of pics. The more you take, the better your chances of capturing an anomaly. Make sure if you have your camera setting on night shot that you use a tripod or solid surface to place the camera on.

Take at least 2 shots of each spot—one right after the other.

Avoid taking pics of things with shiny surfaces to prevent a glare.

Ensure that your lens is clean

Keep camera strap around your wrist or neck or remove it to prevent false pictures

Keep hair tied back for above reason.

Pictures taken in poor conditions will produce false pictures- ie fog, rain, snow, windy, dusty. If you are taking a picture when its cold, hold your breath for a few seconds to avoid capturing the vapor from your breath.

Do not take pictures of light sources. This will produce lens flares

Talk to ghosts- ask for permission to photograph them, then take several pictures.

Walk around in the location for 15-30 min before taking pics to get a feel for the place.

Avoid taking pictures of mirrors, it will produce a lens flare or other false anomaly

If you have a “gut feeling” about a spot at a certain time, take several pics.

Ghosts tend to follow people around, so try to take several pics with others in your group. Leave enough room in the back ground to capture anomalies.

If you feel a presence around you, snap a pic over your shoulder.

Flash is only useful up to about 15 feet, so try to take pics of things up close in the dark.

Never edit your original pictures. If you want to edit them, make a copy first.

Don’t delete any of your photos. It could be a great back-up of another photo in the same location. When using film, have them develop ALL pictures.

Reasons for false results

Various types of weather will affect your results. Wind will blow around dust and other debris. Rain, snow or other moisture in the air will be captured. If it’s cold outside, consider holding your breath for a few seconds to prevent an “ectoplasm” in your photo. Unseen conditions to be taken into consideration are pollen count, humidity, bugs, etc.

Camera straps or hair in front of lens will cause a “vortex” in your picture. Make sure you have your strap around your wrist or remove it. Make sure hair is tied back.

If you are in a dirty location or outside, remember that you have been walking around kicking up dust. You will get lots of “orbs” in these pictures.

Never smoke while you are taking pictures to prevent “ectoplasm”.

I would suggest people attempt to get “false” anomalies with their equipment. Different cameras show different results. This will give you a baseline for future photos.

-Laura Schliesser
    July 22, 2009


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