NPS Rules and Regulations

  1. Absolutely no smoking on property during investigations.
  2. No drinking/drugs before or during an investigation.
  3. No littering or vandalizing property in any way.
  4. Have respect for team members, clients, and the dead.
  5. No trespassing. Investigating any properties will need proper NPS clearance.
  6. Dress appropriately for investigations.
  7. Respect other team members' equipment. Do NOT use unless given permission by that member.
  8. NEVER take anything from a property that does not belong to you.
  9. Always conduct an investigation in groups of at least 2 other team members.
  10. You will be held responsible to replace or fix anything that you damage during an investigation.
  11. Handle any personal issues with other team members outside of an investigation.
  12. For the safety of our investigators and clients, NO WEAPONS will be allowed on-site before, during, or after an investigation.

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