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Hi, I'm Jim Shorney. I am what you might call the "open-minded skeptic" of the group. I have always been interested in the paranormal, ever since the days (or nights) of ghost stories around the Scout campfires as a kid. Over the years, my interest expanded to include other paranormal phenomena, such as mysterious energies and vortices, ESP and psychic phenomena, ETs, and pretty much anything else that can't be explained by modern science. When the co-founders asked me to join NPS in late 2007, I was flattered and thrilled to have the opportunity to investigate phenomena in a structured group environment with others of like mind. My philosophy is, and has been, to apply scientific methods to investigation of unexplained phenomena to eliminate all "logical" explanations and follow up on what's left.

My "day job" is as an electronics technician at a Lincoln, NE, manufacturer of communications and security technology electronics. As such, I bring my skills as a professional technician and electronics hobbyist to NPS. Previously, I logged over 12 years as a certified computer technician before moving to my present gig, and continue to be a computer hobbyist. Previous experience also includes broadcast engineering, commercial 2-Way radio, laboratory instrumentation, fire and security systems, and home/car audio systems. I am also an active Amateur Radio (HAM) operator and member of the Lincoln Amateur Radio Club, through which I also became a trained SkyWarn storm spotter affiliated with the Amateur Radio Emergency Service and Credentialed by Lincoln-Lancaster County Emergency Management. My "paranormal education" began to accelerate about three years ago when I became a volunteer producer of the "Exploring Unexplained Phenomena" radio program on community-sponsored FM 89.3 KZUM in Lincoln, NE. Other interests include vintage radio and audio, science fiction and science fact, and guitar (learning to play). I make my home in Lincoln, which I share with my 24 year old son, two cats, and a few radios and computers.

Investigator / Tech Specialist

Hi everyone, my name is Roger Merchant, I have been into paranormal research and investigation for about 30 years. As a boy, the subject of ghosts both fascinated and frightened me but as a teen, I became more interested in it and less frightened.  Over the years, I have kept up with the field of paranormal phenomena, going on many investigations over the years.  I co-own and live in an old two-story brick building that was built in the 1890’s and over the years have noticed a great deal of strange activity going on here.  My background is in the field of engineering and electronics, and after witnessing a number of unexplainable things going on where I live, I decided to start developing new technology to attempt to better detect, record and document paranormal activity.  I combine both science and traditional methods and beliefs in the paranormal as I feel that both aspects bring something valuable to the table.  My current day job is with a small company, primarily as a research and development guy in the electronics industry.

I first became acquainted with the members of NPS in the late spring of 2010 and did an investigation with them about that time.  I have truly enjoyed interacting with the NPS members and have formed good friendships with them. One of my goals as a member of NPS is to introduce new technology for paranormal research and investigation and to help out wherever I can.  I am both pleased and honored to be a member of Nebraska Paranormal and hope to learn more and to share new ideas with the group to enrich the experience and to add to the knowledge base on the subject of paranormal activity.

Historical Researcher / Investigator

Hello!  My name is Dana Helmink and I am fairly new to investigating the paranormal.  I have had several experiences with the paranormal throughout my life and have always been a believer in the existence of phenomenon which couldn’t be explained.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever lived in a place where I haven’t had some sort of experience.  It’s sometimes hard for me to understand it when people don’t believe, and I suppose that’s why I have lately become interested in trying to learn more about the scientific approaches behind trying to prove the existence of the paranormal to others. 

I’m 35 years old, and I work in for an insurance company here in Lincoln.  I’m a graduate of UNL, where my focus of study was English and film, with an emphasis in creative writing.  In my spare time, I enjoy reading, writing, sewing, and I run a knitting/crocheting group.  I collect fountain pens, dip pens, and inkwells, though I enjoy browsing for all sorts of antiques.  I’m ridiculously curious about almost everything and I’m always asking, “Why?” 

Investigator / Facebook Administrator / Graphic Design Specialist

Hello! My name is Matt Mundorf. I'm am 41 yrs old. I was born & raised here in Lincoln, Nebraska. I've been married to Patricia for 19 yrs. & have 3 beautiful & intelligent daughters. One goofy lab/collie mix dog, named Oreo (Or Oreo Pickles Mundorf as my daughters & I like to call him.) & some fish that are fun to look at. (You can't exactly walk them around the block or play games with them.) But we enjoy them.

My "day job" that I've worked my way up at for 15 yrs as the graphic art, digital & screenprint department at a local sign shop, Trafcon Signs, Digital & Screenprinting making decals, banners, aluminum/plastic, wood signs, flags & industrial printing. I previously worked for 6 yrs as one of their graphic artists at a local t-shirt screenprinter; Dier's Sportswear / Eclipse Screenprinting designing t-shirt graphics, color separations and screen processing/reclamation, etc.

I've always had a fairly healthy interest in the paranormal, graphic arts/illustration, comic book reading/collecting/creating, movies, UFOs, weather phenomena (tornadoes) & genealogy among other things. I like to think that I have a balanced view on the paranormal. I'll look, listen & feel to try and figure out if something is real or imagined or unexplainable. I'm very easy to get along with and like to have fun with what I do. But again I balance fun with an equal amount of serious reality. I love the way Jim, Dana and the rest of my new friends here at NPS how they feel/explain the way they do and want to experience the paranormal. I'm right with them in their views and hope to find answers with them.    


My name's Dallas Horsechief. I'm 24 years old and Native American. I grew up with paranormal events happening on regular basis. So, my interest in the paranormal isn't so much an interest but more of an everyday thing for me. However, I'm relatively new to actually investigating the paranormal. I base my expectations and thoughts on what I've experienced and what instinct tells me. I also try to be as open to possibilities as possible whenever I do go on an investigation. As for the other side of my life, I am currently on working on obtaining degrees in both Business Management and English. I hope to be a freelance writer once I graduate, so I am always looking for more writing experience even if it means trying to write something I'm not familiar with. I try to have fun in whatever I do and am always interested in meeting new people.    

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