Here are some links to other interesting web sites and articles

The Shadowlands Ghosthunter Store

NPS is now affiliated with The Shadowlands Ghosthunter Store!

TAPS - the Atlantic Paranormal Society

Ghost Village
- Author Jeff Belanger's premier site on ghosts and the paranormal

Ghost Research Society - Dale Kaczmarek's Chicago based ghost site

ParaNexus - newly formed international association of paranormal researchers

Exploring Unexplained Phenomena - Lincoln, Nebraska's homegrown Paranormal radio program. Listen live online or to archived podcasts, FREE! Home of the EUP Phenomena Chat.

How Ghosts Work - from the "How Stuff Works" people, some scientific explanations

Low Frequency Illusions - a.k.a. "Science Wrecks a Good Ghost Story", how two hauntings were explained as infrasound effects

        The Ghost in the Machine (related) - Vic Tandy's original paper on infrasound hauntings, from the Internet Archive
Ghosts of the Prairie - Troy Taylor's web site, LOTS of information

Haunted Voices - Good EVP site with online programs and training

Crossroads Para-Investigations - Our friends at CPI, another Lincoln, NE, based research team

Paranormal Haunt - A UK-based forum that covers just about everything

Investigators of Spiritual Connections - ISC of Utah, "Our goal is to try to capture evidence of the paranormal to provide here for people to review."

Siouxland Paranormal Research Society - "Our mission is to help people understand the paranormal, to investigate and collect as much information about the paranormal and provide that information to the public without censor."

Ghosts! Are they real? - " A former skeptic's view of ghosts, hauntings and the paranormal, what ghosts are and if there is any danger to the living."

Dravenstar Paranormal Research Team - "Dravenstar Paranormal Research Team is located in Eastern Kentucky. Our goal is research and development in the field of the paranormal. Our mission is not to prove to skeptics that ghost exist, but to learn as much as we can about the subject itself. Started in 1996 DPRT has grown in many ways."

Enigma, the Ultimate Acoutic Experience - "Friends of NPS, this Paranormal-friendly duo of very talented Nebraska Musicians has some "spooky" tunes and an open-minded attitude. Great road-trip music for the drive to an investigation!"

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