NPS Investigates the State Theater!

On April 19, 2009, NPS conducted an investigation of the State Theater, 1415 'O' Street, Lincoln, Nebraska. Constructed in 1915, this theater building has undergone many changes over the years. It was recently re-opened as the Bourbon Theater, a partnership between the owners of Kinetic Brew, a coffee shop at the front of the theater, and the owners of Box Awesome. Click HERE for a recent Lincoln Journal-Star newspaper article on the theater.

NPS was invited by the owners to investigate the theater. Present were NPS members Laura, Lisa, Jim, and Robin, along with applicants Chris, Mark, and Carl. NPS spent about 3 1/2 hours exploring every nook and cranny of this fascinating old building, taking photos, video, EMF readings and EVP recordings. We are currently evaluating our findings. Scroll down to see a few pictures from inside the theater. Each picture is clickable for a larger view.

The Theater entrance. Kinetic Brew is on the right.

Our gracious host, at his post in Kinetic Brew. Thanks for the great coffee!

The long, dark maintenance tunnel under the theater floor.

The other end of the maintenance tunnel, with some HUGE electrical cables. Lots of EMF in there!

The view from atop the marquee, looking east down O Street.

The glass column on the front of the building. In the glory days, this was illuminated from inside with Neon lighting.

Inside the projection booth. There is an unconfirmed story of a suicide by hanging in this room.

Up in the "attic" above the main theater.

A mural on the east wall of the theater.

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